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Seoul National Cemetery and Park: Spring Photo Blog

Spring has sprung. The sweet “sakura” flowers is now drizzling the city with soft pink and white color, the utmost season that Koreans and tourists had been waiting.


2016-04-05 13.41.21_0

There are lots of parks and other places around the peninsula with a stunning view of cherry blossoms. Here are my suggested awesome places.



If you’re looking for an exceptional panorama of this sweet flower, I’ll share to you my top favorite, the cherry blossoms at Seoul National Cemetery located at Dongjak station. Why is it one-of-kind? Well, unlike the others the trees here are called “the weeping sakuras”. The flowers are almost touching the ground and flowing like tears.


2016-04-05 13.39.47_0

That is because these threes are one of the oldest cherry blossom trees in Korea. This National Cemetery is a home of the fallen soldiers, police and heroes that fought for their country.

2016-04-05 13.37.48_0

2016-04-05 13.36.21_0

Yet, as it is well maintained it is open for visitors and one of the best park in Seoul. This is an absolute getaway from the crowd packed Yeuido Cherry blossom festival.

2016-04-05 13.33.25_0

2016-04-05 13.30.48_0

by subway: Dongjak Station (Seoul Subway Line 9 or 4), Exit 2 or 4.

by bus: Take Bus No. 5524, 6411, 361, 362, 363, 642, 640 or 360.
Get off at Seoul National Cemetery (Gungnim Myoji) Bus Stop.

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