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Life is a Festival: Seodaemun-gu Blossom trip 

Last Saturday was a fine spring day. Blue sky, warm weather and cherry blossoms on its full bloom. And while people flocked to see the heavenly sight of cherry blossom festival in Yeouido I chose to join an event which I came across in social media, facebook which was held at Dongnimmun Station, Seodaemun-gu,Seoul.

“Life is a Festival: Seodamungu Blossom Trip.” Honestly, it wasn’t what I am expecting, it’s more. It was a kind of trip with zestful tasks. I loved group tours because of new places, new friends, exciting experiences and that’s what I called my “little adventures”.

Group 9… MMS team (MMS stands for Maria, Minjin and Shani)

As I arrived at the meeting place, we were pre-assigned in ten groups and we’re given some mission to accomplish. What’s exciting is that, the participants are composed of mixed group of Koreans and foreigners, mostly students.


Our  missions are quiet exciting and needs teamwork. So glad I belong to this bunch of young and smart girls. Taking team photos and knowing the history of these mission places:

Memorial Tower of March 1st Movement’s Declaration of Independence
Statue of Dr. Suhr Jae-pil, publisher of Korea’s first private newspaper “The Independence”
Dongnimmun (Peace) Gate

Taking photos was fun..but memorizing facts and history was funnier. The competition was tough to Koreans…haha!


On the way to Yeongcheon Market.
Cheon (fried foods) and seondae… love these foods.


Lunch and trip to Yeongcheon Market and the “Make a text” mission. We’re the first team to present our mission.

free money stubs (coupons) used for purchasing our lunch

Gaemi Maeul free traveling. It is a mural village. I so like murals and this village trip was really awesome.



The O and X game.
Takchi making.
MMS takchi.
Playing Takchi.

photo grabbed from Life is a Festival, facebook page.

Games, group photo and chicken party. It was indeed a festival of life. Thank you very much guys of Life is a Festival for this wonderful spring day.

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