Seoul Series

Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossoms

Seokchon Lake is completely in full swing of sweet cherry blossoms and walking under this heavenly sight is definitely a pleasure. Soft pink and white shade covers the pathway that gives delightful feeling to every visitors.

Cherry blossoms around Lotte World theme park is one amongst the many places in Seoul that I adored when this flowers blooms.

Walking around Seokchon Lake will take you about two hours for a full round starting from the back of Lotte World Tower to Lotte World Theme Park. 

There is a resting area located in the east of theme park where you can have a full view of this two major attractions in Seokchon Lake.

I also walked past on these colorful lanterns and under umbrellas. 

The stairs in front Lotte World Park ticket booth will lead you to a small park on top and a you’ll find “noraemadang”, cultural presentations often held here occasionally.

The pathway around Seokchon lake is popular to locals for jogging and brisk walk early in the morning and at night. 

Direction: Jamsil Station exit 4 (front of Lotte World theme park) or exit 10 (back of Lotte Tower.

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