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Seoul Forest Park: Cherry Blossoms, Deer Farm and Tulips

Located in the heart of Seoul, Seoul Forest is the third largest park in the city, open year round and free admission. With a lot of things to do, my frequent visits here not in any condition had given me a dull moment.

Each and every season the scenery is quiet awesome and daunting. Gardens, butterflies, flowers, eco forest and playgrounds are among those I enjoyed well.

Butterfly Garden is close as to this writing, but I saw a note before posted on the door entrance that it was moved to Insect garden, sitting on the next building.

Cherry blossoms was in full swing when I visited this week, and I do not guarantee if it’s still a good sight this weekend. The long array of this sweet spring flowers are so divine. Walking under its shades is a heavenly sight. 

From the entrance follow the trail to butterfly garden and turn left after the Insect garden. The way to this delightful scenery will lead you to the Deer farm. Moreover, climb up to the bridge and it will give you a more astonishing sight.

Eungbong Mountain with the famous Forsythia festival can be seen from the bridge. And much more the line of cherry blossom trees right next to this bridge and the full view of deer farm.

Sakura flowers are known for its short sparkle, however don’t get upset. If you cannot witness this sight anymore by this weekend..tulips, azaleas and other wild flowers are all around the park.

Biking and picnic are also fun here. Understand avenue will hold its first spring festival starting April 18 to May 12, 2017.

Direction: From Bundang Line (Yellow line) get off at Seoul Forest Station and head to exit 3..take the elevator an it will lead you to the main entrance.

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