Seoul Series

Gaemi Maeul Seoul, A Mural Village

Stumbling upon this quiet neighborhood on top of a hill, thanks to Life is a Festival for bringing us here! It is a kind of feebled community turned into a likeable gallery. Murals are everywhere, colorful and neatly painted by university students.

As part of the activities that Life Is A Festival had offered, we wandered around and took loads of photos. We even came across a small park on the top that has a “zip line” like bustle.

Honestly, it isn’t that much interesting here just like what the bus driver said… according to him there was nothing special, and it was quiet true. Except if you like murals and street photography then this is a hit!

This ant village was named after those elderly people who really worked hard for a living. “Gaemi” means “ant”. The history was amusing.

Since I also love murals I did had a good time. Comparing to Ihwa Mural Village, if you’ve been there, it’s always densed with tourist and popular in Seoul, a lot of visitors yet a lot of murals to explore too.

Gaemi Maeul is accessible, from Hongje station Line 3….head to exit 1 and take Bus #7 (Maeul bus) get off at the last stop. From the top you can walk down and explore the village.

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