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Bucheon Wonmi Mountain Azalea Festival

In spring, flower festivals in Korea are well known.  Cherry blossoms, forsythias, camellia, plum and a lot more are surely an eye feasting craze . Azalea festival is one of this famous flower festival around the peninsula.

This small pink flowers when in full bloom are covering an entire mountain in pink and results to jaw dropping wonder of nature. Locals head out of Seoul to witness this breathtaking view and hike to famous pink mountains around the peninsula.

Eventually, there’s this azalea garden, the nearest from city of Seoul and also popular for Koreans and foreigners. For those avoiding the hassle of travelling, this festival will definitely a perfect one.

Wonmi mountain is an oasis of this frail pink flowers. A garden of azaleas, cherry blossoms, forsythias amd other wild flowers. Walking to the top was an easy hike and the view was awesome. It overlooks the entire landscape of Bucheon stadium and the city of Bucheon.

Our Saturday hike, though the festival was held a week ago, was still one of those fun weekened getaways. Still crowded, as expected, but we did took home tons of photos.

Direction: Take Line 7 to Bucheon Stadium station, exit 2. Walk straight about 5 minutes and turn left on the sign of Azalea Garden.

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