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Incheon Grand Park: Cherry Blossom Festival 2017

Incheon Grand Park is an urban and biggest park in Incheon. A vast land with picnic grounds, biking lanes, zoo, pond and other recreations available for public and a free admission. Bikes are also available for rent.

It’s also popular for its long line of cherry blossoms. The full swing of this flower festival was not far different from the same festival in Yeouido. It was my first time visiting this park and I didn’t expect the crowd. 

The pathway which are lined by these sweet flowers are congested with people well, the usual scenario in all popular cherry blossoms locations around Korea.

The best thing wass that, I totally admired the array of sakuras in here compared to Yeouido. The flowers almost covered the road. Indeed, breathtaking!

The cherry blossom festival in this park were held later compared to other sakura festivals around the peninsula. While on the other side of the country the flowers started to fell off from the trees, here it was on a full swing when we visited last Sunday.

A beuty of nature to behold and still a craze for locals and visitors.

Direction: Take Line 1 to Songnae Station..exit 1. Take bus # 16-1, 909 or 103 and get off at Incheon Grand Park.

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