Seoul Series

Children’s Grand Park, Seoul

Cherry blossoms craze had cool down in Korea. Warm spring weather is here to enjoy and the flowers in wonderful colors brimming in every corner. Flower power is on!

Children’s Grand Park located in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul is also one of the best park to visit during sakura season. 

While I missed this place during the flower’s full swing, it’s still a sterling for great sunny day stroll.

This theme park offers mini zoo, picnic ground, fountain, children’s museum and playground to run around. 

… a green house

Tulips and other flowers beutifies the entire park. Best place for kids, if you have one.

Directions: Line 7, Children’s Grand Park Sation, exit 1 or Line 5, Achasan Station, exit 4. Both in 2 to 3 minutes walk.

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