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Chinatown, Incheon

From our short visit to Incheon Grand Park, in as much as we were astounded by the crowd beaming at the full swing of cherry blossoms, we decided to just go to Chinatown. 

Our crowd struggle continues as we were caught in a heavy traffic. We ended up traveling an hour from the park to Incheon bus terminal, took the taxi from there due to a long route and so an additional 20 minutes travel time to Chinatown made us exhausted.

……. ttangseoyok ( fried pork)
…. jajangmyeon (black noodle)
…….. champong (spicy seafood noodle)
…….. flower bread

Drooping and starving, we first look for a place to eat. We headed to the first restaurant that we saw just next to the entrance of Chinatown gate and shove in.

As it is a chinese restaurant, of course, we dig in into a bowl of jajangmyeon (black noodle), champong (spicy seafood noodle), ttangseoyok (fried pork) and flower bread. Our lunch at 5:00pm, lols!

Thanks for that deliciousness, we were recharged! We then took our tour around this popular Chinatown. It’s mainly a Chinese business district with restaurants, public market, temple and a park on top adorned with….. cherry blossom trees!

Yup, sakura’s here are also wonderful…. and less people. What a relief! And it made our day. There are other beautiful places near Incheon station and I ought to visit those next time… it’s getting dark and time to go back to Seoul.

Direction: Line 1, Incheon Station.. exit 1. It’s right in front of the station. Cross the road and enjoy the scenery.

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