Seoul Series

Seoul Sky: Lotte World Tower 

Seoul Sky is the latest cutting-edge attraction in Seoul these days. From its grandiose opening, fireworks lit up the sky and covered the entire 123floors of this tower and Seokchon Lake on the night of April 4, 2017.

A skyscraper and an observatory. Visitors can enjoy the view of Seoul atop the tower from the glass walled viewing deck. In a clear sky and sunny day you could see the famous landmarks in Seoul like the palaces, big parks and tourist spots.

My Monday visit, as it is weekday, was a smooth way to the top. No long line of visitors at all. After I bought my ticket I was instructed directly to the entrance leading to the inspection area. Belongings and visitors will all pass to an inspection area and xray machine.

….. waiting line to the first photo booth and sky shuttle

The following items are prohibited and could deny your admission: Knives, scissors, guns, baseball bats, flammables, unsealed food and beverages, luggages, strollers, high-resolution cameras ( low-resolution DSLR’s are ok!), big tripods and selfie sticks that occupies excessive space, clothes that prevent personal identification, musical instruments, wireless or communication equipment that causes signal interference and pets.

After passing thru the inspection, a staff lead us the way to the waiting line and the first photo booth. They’ll ask if you want to take a souvenir photo for a 12,000won with the landmark as the background. And if you do, a photo ticket with control number of your picture will be given to you for claiming on 120th floor.

Then the Sky Shuttle, world’s first ceiling and four walled screen elevator showing the changes of Hangang over time. Guess what? 2minutes running time from B2 to 117th floor, super fast! You can’t even feel its rocketing to the top.
Here are the floor guides and where I spend my time hanging around.

117th floor is the entrance floor and the observation deck. From here, an awesome view of Seoul is waiting for you.

118th another entrance and the Sky Deck where a portion of glass floor on each opposite sides are located. You can walk across the transparent glass and take a souvenir picture. 2nd photobooth is also located here. Just show your photo ticket.

119th floor is the Sky Friends Cafe. Resting area.

Sky Terrace with open roof

120th floor is the Sky Terrace and exit floor. Sky Terrace has an open roof with a relaxing air and a really breathtaking scenery of Seoul. It’s seated 483-m high. You can pay and print your photos here. And at the back is the sky shuttle going down to B2.

121st floor has a Sky Shop. 122floor~Sky Cafe and 123floor the Lounge.

Though the admission time was scheduled you can enjoy unlimited time on the observatory. Absolutely NO-re entry so you must enjoy your time while up there.

Fast Pass costs ₩50,000. No need to wait for scheduled admission time but to be bought on the day of viewing. (I guess this one’s is good on weekends and holiday viewing, as weekdays are not crowded.) General admission is ₩27,000.

…. below the glass floor

Opening hours: Ticket sales begin at 9:20~22:00, admission starts at 9:30 and closes at 23:00.

Direction: Line 2 or 8…. Jamsil Station… walk 5 minutes to exit 2.


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