Palace and fortress

Joggyesa Temple

Joggyesa Temple is one of the most important symbol of Buddhism in Korea. Located in the heart of Seoul, this temple is close to Insadong. Also considered as one amongst the most eminent  Buddhist temple in Seoul.

If you are to visit this temple, don’t miss the days before the celebration of Yeon Deung Hoe or the Lotus Lantern Festival. The annual festival is celebrated a week before Buddha’s birthday.

This year 2017, the festival will run from April 28-30. With lotus lanterns, street parades, performances, exhibits and other exciting ectivities. The festival will held at Dongduk stadium, Cheonggye stream, Beonggeunsa Temple and Joggyesa temple.

Joggyesa temple as these days is currently adorned by colorful lanterns in preparation for the coming festival. The festival and displays of traditional lanterns at Cheonggyecheon will last until May 7.

Direction: Line 3… Angguk Station..exit 6. Walk past Insadong cross the pedestrian, walk to your left for about 3 minutes.

From Line 1…Jonggak Station…exit 2…walk straight for 5 minutes.

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