Seoul Series

Ihwa Mural Village

As we took the walking course in Seoul Fortress from Dongdaemun, we also wandered around Ihwa Mural Village in Hyehwadong. 

Ihwa Mural Village is one popular spot for Koreans and foreigners. The murals around the village are colorful and charming that’s so impossible not to take pictures. It’s a quite neighborhood completely invaded by visitors.

I have known from a news before that some villagers living here often complained of the noise that visitors made and there were also some murals who were removed.

Yet, despite some vanished murals. There were also some new and I guess the visiting guests doesn’t also subside. Cafe’s, museums, galleries were packed with people.

Looking around murals, this is one place in Seoul that I really love to liesurely spend time. Different murals, different meaning and sometimes it literally express all.

I’ve also noticed that some Korean couple visitors were wearing some kind of costume, a student and an a marine like uniform. Later found out that there is that studio which they rented out those outfits. A photo studio was even available for souvenir keeps.

We also happened to stumble on a small doll museum inspired from the collection of the owner. Another wonderful day to keep memories.

Direction: Follow the Seoul Fortress course from Dongdaemun station Line 1, exit  6 or from Hyehwa Station Line 4, exit 2.

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