Palace and fortress

Seoul Fortress Wall: Dongdaemun to Hyewadong

Needless to say that walking along Seoul’s fortress wall is one of “must do” things when in Korea. The fortress from Dongdaemun stretching to Hyewadong area has the best view of the city.

I’d been to this walking course last year’s fall and the autumn scenery was eventually awesome. The autumn colors of trees were a total panorama for nature lovers. It made me feel tireless for the entire one and a half hour trail.

This wonderful spring day we started the walking course from Heunginjimun Gate in Dongdaemun station line 1, wandered around Ihwa Mural Village and spend leisurely time in Naksan park which is one of the best sunset spot, and we ended the trail in Hyehwamun Gate.


Flowers, murals and fortress in one splended day. Wandering in these walking course was really cool thing to do. On a no cost tour, a form of exercise and a glimpse on Korea’s historical landmarks.

The Hyehwamun gate is in between Hyewadong Rotary and Hansung University Station. You could start the trail either from Dongdaemun station or Hansung University Station. Either way you’ll end up exploring those places.

Direction: Dongdaemun Station Line 1 and 4..exit 6 or Hansung University Station Line 4..exit 4.

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