On financial literacy..

Financial Wellness Seminar Towards a Better and Wealtheir Life

A two-day financial wellness seminar for Filipinos in South Korea was successfully conducted in Siheung Migrants Center, Seoul Global Center and Tapdong Dongincheon last May 6-7, 2017. Organized by Compassionate Wealth Educators in South Korea (CWE- IMGKorea) and in cooperation with the Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA),President  Cherry Lyn Tolentino; Filipino Community In Siheung (FCIS) President Marlon Miranda and Dennis Santos; Incheon Catholic International Community (ICIC) PRO Bridgette Lopez.

FCIS Community and participants
FEWA community and participants
ICIC community and participants

As one of the team leader of Compassionate Wealth Educators in Korea, we invited speakers from Manila, Engineer Lyndon Malanog, an entrepreneur and engineer by profession, and his wife Chona Malanog strenuously shared their knowledge on basic financial management, saving tips, investment instruments, how to prepare for retirement and an additional cash flow.



We in the CWE-IMGKorea team aims to help our fellow Filipinos know the importance of financial literacy and be aware of the possibilities of passive income while we have our active income.


The success of the seminar was made possible and meaningful by the group of a hundred attendees from the three different venues eager to learn. Promising to take action and plan for their future, start investing and save more.


The positive feedback from the participants is a result of planning another series of financial wellness seminar that will be held by October 4-8. Announcement and information will be updated soon in CWE-IMGKorea facebook group.


I would also like to give my deepest thanks to our sponsors SENTBE and thePay who were with us for the the entire duration of the seminar.


No one will take care of the older YOU but only your younger YOU. As time quickly passing by taking actions must be started the soonest possible time. Knowing your needs and minimizing your wants will surely have a great effect in our financial lives.

If you want know about this seminar your inquiries will be gladly welcome.. you may contact us thru CWE-IMGKorea facebook group.



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