Festivals year round

Tulip Festival in Taean 

This sea of tulips was really a grand sight and worth to visit every spring season in South Korea. For the second time around I still can’t get enough on the beauty of this flower, this year includes a display of daffodils and other pretty flora.

Held annually in Taean between the month of April and May, our visit comes with terrible traffic on the way to Taean. The originally 3 hours ride took as 5 hours, really exasperating!

It was actually the star of the golden week long holiday in Korea when we visited the festival. Locals headed out of Seoul for their holiday get away and that’s the reason why traffic was indeed heavy.

Anyhow, as we reach Taean we were consoled instantly by the beauty of flowers in display. Vibrant colors, different shapes and different kinds.

Feasted our eyes with the scenery! And off to Seoul safe and sound…… and smooth bus ride… traffic no more!

Public transportation is quiet difficult, so we rented a mini bus for us divided the cost for 23 persons and we ended up spending ₩24,000 won each including a discounted admission fee of ₩7,000, it’s the discount for foreigners. If you’ll come alone next year try to find a Korean group tour for foreigners, hassle-free and convenient.

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