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Yangcheon Global Migrant Center Celebrates Labor Day

A simple celebration of Labor Day was joined in by all the Migrants taking the classes every Sunday in Yangcheon Global Migrant Center or rather popular as YGMC.

YGMC offers  free education to foreign workers in Korea and it greatly helps each migrants develop their skills and be equipped of the professional ability. An opportunity of building  a business of their own.

As a student in Korean Cooking Class and Barista, I’m really looking forward to be schooled and learn the skills aiming to be applied in the future so much so when time comes to go back to my country, Philippines.

Yangcheon classes admits students in cooking class, barista class, media class that includes photography and videography, Korean class and computer repair. They also provide labor counseling, medical check up and other assistance to migrants for free.

YGMC staffs, teachers and students gathered altogether and shared in the food which the cooking class prepared for a simple lunch party. This simple honoring  as we celebrate Labor Day was an opportunity to meet everyone in the center.

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