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Poop Cafe in Insadong

If you’ll ask me of what place I like most in Korea, my answer will definitely…. coffee shops or themed cafe! Yup, those whimsical corners are my fave spots.

I’d been around lots of themed cafe and this one in Insadong is quiet a distinctive one. Drinking your coffee in a toilet bowl shape cup? Hilarious! 

We ordered rose latte, mint latte and cafe latte as we are three and added a white spaghetti served in a toilet bowl platter. Amusingly a serving of one cup of this coffee can be shared by three persons. What a serving! In a cost of ₩6,000 for each coffee and ₩7,500 for white spaghetti.

Anyhow, the perky atmosphere and design of this cafe I guess made visitors satisfied and us having a great time as well.

Poop Cafe is located on top floor of Ssamzie gil. From Line 3 Angguk station…walk straight from exit 6. 

Turn left on the first corner where you can find the tourist information. Walk straight on the alley and you’ll find the building on your left.

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