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Fairytale Village (Dongwha Maeul) in Incheon

Once upon a time in kimchi land there were two girls whose dinky hilarity was to stay outdoors on weekends . Oppss! I believe not only weekend, LOL!

……. my constant Saturdate😍

…… me hugging the panda😉

Kids love fairytales and I reckon that adults too. Apparently notable to the crowd that we saw on our visit to this faddish spot in Incheon, the Fairytale Village.

Let’s make a round to this wonderland. Cafe, stores, museums, local restaurants, streets and walls has an adornment of prince and princesses. So cute!

Alice in Wonderland… the TrickArt Story
…me and Peter Pan, the boy who doesn’t grow old.

Murals are everywhere, in vibrant colors. A total work of art! No wonder more and more this place is becoming popular to locals and even tourists.

Little Red Riding Hood

Wait it’s quiet a big village and more on a uphill. We walked along the alleys and from corner to corner. What a fantasyland! Some disney characters are here too.

The Genie from Alladin story.
Love corner
Snow White and the seven dwarfs

We can’t get enough of the cuteness of this village. We weren’t able to see what’s inside the Trick art story so we will back for sure😊

Hansel and Gretel

Princess stories always fascinates me and never get droopy watching movies and reading books with this kind of stories. Hence, wandering to this village was really fun.

How to visit? Take line 1 to Incheon station, exit 2. Takes about 10minutes on foot. Just follow the sign to 동화마을 Fairytale Village.

Magic stairs

The Princesses and Pinocchio mural.
We were so delighted of this place, hope you too!

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