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Seoul Rose Festival

Where you able to visit the longest tunnel of roses last Sunday in Seoul? If not, you still have few weeks to visit and see for yourselves the tens of thousands of these kinds in clashing sizes, shapes and vivid colors.

Seoul Rose Festival was over last weekend with tens and thousands of visitors as well. As a frequent festival goer especially in Seoul, this isn’t surprising.

Most of the time you can’t even do a striking pose in camera because of thick crowd.

Locals love their own and support nationalism, it is one of the Korean outlook that I admire adding that when it’s weekend it is really a family time and they tend to stay outdoors.

This festival is the biggest rose festival in Seoul. Covering 5 kilometers of rose tunnel where people walk under.

 Aside from the display of roses, light show were added and a mini concerts too.

  • Direction: Line 7 Taereung station exit 8. Walk back on your left and cross the bridge, you’ll find the entrance on your right.

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