Seoul Series

Seoullo 7017: A Sky garden in the heart of Seoul

An overpass turned to a park is the latest sensation of locals and foreigners in Seoul. Opened to the public last Saturday, May 20th.

We took an early visit last Sunday to this new attraction in Seoul station. We started the course from exit 2 of Line 1 Seoul station and there surprised us the emblazon of old footwears. 

From rubber shoes, sneakers, ladies and kids shoes were stuck up in an unusual way. Some footwears were used as a flower pots. A garden of shoes and flowers.

From exit 2, passing this shoes spectacle we took the spiral staircase to the top of the Seoullo 7017 Sky Park which plants and flowers awaits, merely like a sky garden.

It even have a rose garden and rose cafe where we rested a bit. Seoullo 7017 has three walking paths. 

Yet as we feel the summer like weather we shorten our course and choose to walked on the middle path. We ended up going back to Seoul station early.

There were two more patha that awaits, so will try going back when the sun is down. Night panoramic view of the city will surely be great from this overpass turned park.

  • Direction: Seoul Station exit 2 of Line 1. You’ll find the stairs on your left after the pile of shoes. A 2minute walk.

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