Seoul Series

Poopoo Land in Insa-dong

Remember that hilarious serving of coffee in a toilet bowl cup which I wrote before? Recenty another poo themed attraction opened in Insa-dong. The Poopoo Land, a poo museum!

  • Visitors in Hanbok, Korean traditional dress is a common sight in Insa-dong.

Korean’s never run out of great ideas, really! Fun and gross at the same time, Poopoo Land it is!

With an obstacle and a little adventure for visitors, the attractions inside are enough to try for less than hour.

…. a musical pots.. upon entrance they will give a token to use here. Aim for the pots with medal and a dance song will be played if you throw the token in.

It has a second floor which the obstacle starts and you can try on a 90degrees slide down to the first floor.

This museum is located at the annex of Ssamziegil building. Not spacious and not really amusing, just if you want something different you can try to check on it.

  • Direction: From exit 6 of Angguk station line 3. Walk towards Insa-dong alley. Ssamziegil is on your left. Walk to the end of the ground floor stay on your left.

A souvenir shop before you exit.
  • Admission: ₩6,000 and children below 120cm are not allowed to enter.

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