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ICIC Celebrates Pista Sa Nayon 2017

“Pista sa Nayon” (Feast in the Village) is a yearly celebration of ICIC (Incheon Catholic International Community), a Filipino community based in Incheon City and spearheaded by Edna Park, community president. Held last June 4 at Dapdong Church ground, Dongincheon from 12:00 noon to 3:30pm. This year, the celebration caters the theme “Sariling Atin” (Our Own) which featured the rich values of Filipino culture and tradition.



Graced by Fr. Michael Kim and Fr. Arvin Mosqueda, their spiritual advisers, the festivity was a day of amusing dances and songs rendered by its community members. In colorful attire, mainly the national Filipino dresses. Folk dances and folk songs filled the air and entertained everyone.

Lively and applauding, such kind of events are what every Filipinos are missing and longing for. And it feels a great happiness whenever we see one. I, myself adored this kind of merrymaking.



Parade on the grounds of Dapdong church that beckon the start of the program, inspirational and thanksgiving messages were given by Romeo Vibal, ICIC Vice president and Lysa Maria Viejo, Philippine Embassy’s third secretary and Vice Consul.




“Libis Sa Nayon” by Charina Park; “Harana” and “Ikaw ang Ligaya” presented by the men in the house headed by Romeo Vibal; “Pasayaw ako Dai”, singing led by Fr. Arvin and Angel were among the musical folk dances and songs bestowed.




“Pista” (feast) presentation was the grand production of “Kuradang” by Baby Rose Navarro’s group and “Mamang Sorbetero” by Socorro Barbero, a well-known dance song about a man selling ice cream.




And of course, the Philippine national dance, “Tinikling” will always be included and energetically performed by Edna Park and Gigi Laplap with impressive back ups. “Katakataka” and an Igorot dance were presented too.





“Ako’y Pinoy” (I am a Filipino), were danced by everyone in the finale. Indeed, a happy “Pista sa Nayon” with special lechon (roasted whole pig).

*photos from Joe Yoon and Ericson Asuncion- FILIPOS event photographers.

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