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Cafe Lalo in Seongnam

From lake park stroll, we ended up our Saturday getaway in a cafe located on the base of a mountain, Cafe Lalo. Nature trip for whole day. Located in Unjung-dong, Seongnam, which is the satellite city of Seoul, part of Gyeonggi province and 10th largest city in Korea.




While we traveled for about 40minutes  from Ilsan, it took us 10minutes from Gangnam Station to Seongnam via rapid train red line from south of Seoul and ended up north of Seoul. From Gangnam station red line to Pangyo station exit 1, we rode a taxi for 10minutes for about 10,000won fare.




Well, they do not offer any specialty menu, but the location was a reason enough for us to locate the place. It was so peaceful and with an awesome scenery. A cafe with three floors, open roof top and an outdoor area which I like best.




The roof top has some tables too which gives an impressive sight of lush green mountain that’s perfect backdrop for cool photos. Moreover, the outdoor area is adorned by roses and wild flowers.




Unfortunately the river doesn’t have that much water to give more exquisite landscape but still it was a great panoramic view.

Drinks and foods are a bit pricey yet searching out for this cafe was worthy and another sweet weekend. Buses are available from Pangyo station (red line), Moran station (pink line) Gangnam station (Line 2 and red line) and from Seoul station (line 1 & 4).


Whatever bus you take get off on the last stop and walk for about 15 minutes passing the Korean Academy of Foreign Studies. As you head back,  taxi is difficult so walking is your only option if you do not have a car. The bus stop going back to Seoul is in front of a big restaurant on your right. Get direction from here.  



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