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Herb Island, a Botanical Garden in Pocheon

Welcome back to me! I visited this botanical theme park four years ago and I may say the changes and additional attractions are wonderful. There’s a lot of  activities to experience, enchanting corners to explore, shops to hang around, illuminated lights to adore and herbs to savor.


The first time  I came here, as I remember, was a bit frustrating when it comes to transportation. We waited an hour for the bus outside Soyosan station and hurriedly barnstorm this park to catch up the last bus going back to Seoul.

Though it was a quick sightseeing I certainly love the place for it’s unique theme furthermore promise myself that I will visit again with an ample time. And here I am, with the fam bam!

gondola ride
Gondola ride
Venezia, the city of water
around the Venezia city

At this instance, I made a bus online reservation which the Herb Island offers and it was indeed a smooth course from City hall station and back. And guess what? It’s not even pricey, I paid 13,200won for each person including the general admission of 6,000won.

Souvenir shop and princesses dress for rent.

Hassle-free and more time to wander as we leave the pick up point at 3:00pm (the time you should be there) and arrived 5:20pm. Going back to Seoul, we departed 9:00pm and arrived 10:30 in Sports Complex.

famous bread shop with a delicious garlic bread
Dinosaur Park
Aroma shop with herb products inside
Trevi fountain

We walked inside the Herb Botanical Museum and flower shop. An array of herbs and beautiful flowers with a door leading to the grand Santa Village.

You can make your reservation on this email: Or just be there in City hall station, line 1 or 2, exit 9 and you can pay to the driver, however if the bus is full of reservation you’re not priority.

As we wander along and gets dark the illuminated lights were on giving the park a beautiful radiance.

The entire theme park gleam in brightness.

Otherwise, take this direction: From Soyosan Station (last stop on line 1) there’s only one exit, walk to the opposite side of the road and wait for Bus 57. Get off the at Samjeong-ri. A sign “Herb Island 300m” will help you arrive on the entrance at the bottom of a hill on your left. Will take about 5minutes on foot from the bus stop.


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