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Zip line and Chasabal Festival in Mungyeong

Pottery and zip lining were far from my spring itinerary. I am afraid of heights and never like messy activities. I’ve seen several Korean tours that offers zip line activity and didn’t take pains looking at it. So how did I ended up doing those?

A friend of mine invited me to join her through a Korean tour agency online, Adventure Korea, and try those… I was quiet hesitant but ended up joining her. Oh well, the big discount offer made me say, okay I’ll try! And off we go early in the morning of Friday. It’s a holiday, Children’s day in Korea.



First stop, Mungyeong Chasabal Festival. Located in Gyeongsangbuk-do and took us more than 3 hours, that includess traffic though. It’s a traditional tea bowl making cooked over fire in a “mangdaengi gama”, traditional firewood kiln known for its historical and traditional value. We participated in the pottery making experience, that’s included in the package tour.

Apparently I didn’t give it a try. I sit down though and watched how it was done and brought home the bowl as a souvenir. After that pottery experience we wandered around the festival area and enjoyed the scenery. There is a small Korean Village with hanok’s, Korean traditional houses and some stores selling items made of ceramics and pottery items on display.

Quiet pricey stuffs but the quality is excellent and the designs are unique.

We leave the festival area after lunch and headed to the second destination. The Mungyeong Dynamic Ecotainment Zipline.


zip line course map

The zipline location was 20minutes away from the festival. We geared up and prepared ourselves to the highlight of this tour. A shuttle bus transported us to the mountain where the course will begin and experienced a real “rocky road” ride.

the first platform
some safety guides

The zipline has nine courses. Yup, it isn’t actually what I’m expecting. What’s in my imagination was a long and continuous zip line adventure. Anyhow, I don’t have any idea about this so I just embraced the fun. Whoa! I congratulated myself secretly for finishing the 9 nine courses with a prize.

I totally forgot my fear and enjoyed my first zip line adventure. From one course to the next one was really tiring. We have to walk down the stairs and hike up to the next station, while zip lines were totally short distances except for the 8th and 9th course  with 200meter and 360meters flying course respectively.

What excites me was, on the 5th course there was a challenge. There was a dart board and we were instructed to hit the pig photo on the center while hanging on the zip line. I shouted when I hit the pig. Lucky me! I was given a sticker to claim my prize on the ticket booth, a refreshing orange drink! LOL.

Course length

1 course : Course length – 125m, Beginner Level
2 courses : Course length – 126m, Beginner Level
3 courses : Course length – 166m, Intermediate Level
4 courses : Course length – 106m, Intermediate Level
5 courses : Course length – 82m, Intermediate Level
6 courses : Course length – 86m, Intermediate Level
7 courses : Course length – 101m, Intermediate Level
8 courses : Course length – 201m, Advanced Level
9 courses : Course length – 360m, Advanced Level

5th course platform
from 7th course

From the zip line adventure, we headed back to Seoul and arrived at almost 10pm. Great day for zip line beginner. I am not sure if the public transportation here is easy but here is the address if you wanted to try the dynamic zip line.

174, Buljeong-gil, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 문경시 불정길 174 (불정동)

Direction: Take the bus towards Mungyeong from Dong Seoul Terminal
(06:30 – 20:00, departs every 40min – 1hr 30min / travel time: 2 hours)

Admission is 55,000won

From Mungyeong terminal take a local bus, just show the address to the driver.


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