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Suncruise Resort and Yacht: Our Summer Frolic

Hello Summer! Days are getting hotter and beaches started to welcome the crowd. This reminds me of our summer escapade last year in one of the most visited summer destination in Korea, Gangneung beach, Gangwondo.



Five hours and thirty minutes travel from Seoul and we witnessed the famous sunrise in this part of the peninsula. Locals and foreigners flocked here on the night before New year to witness the first sunrise. That festivity is held at the Hour Glass Park.


Well, our plan is to stay on the seaside and enjoy swimming. We put up our tent, gather up our things inside and walked to visit the Suncruise Resort and Yacht first before we enjoy the sea. Oh by the way, if you put up your tent you have to pay 5,000 someone will collect it when they see your tent. Rather as we walked along and reached the resort, the sun was terribly hot.



entrance to resort

Suncruise is a resort and hotel with a unique shape of a ship. Located in a cliff that took us 20minutes on foot from Jeongdongjin station. With a stunning view of the sunrise and infinite sea panoramic view from the top.


The pool with sea water attracted us the most that we decided to pick up our things and spend the day at the resort, hence the sun rays feels like we can’t stay longer under its shade. We paid 5,000 for the resort entrance and 10,000won each for the swimming pool admission. And there we go, we had one of the best summer escapade.


Our admission ticket to the resort entitled us to explore the vicinity and took home photos and good memories of summer. We wandered along the resort to the top of the hotel and take pleasure of the wonderful landscape it offered.

How to go:

If you’re to take the train…. Cheongnyangni Station → Jeongdongjin Station
First train 07:05, last train 23:25 / Train runs 6~7 times daily / Total travel time: approx. 4.5 to 5 hours / Fare: 21,100-24,300 won

By bus…
Dong Seoul Jonghap Bus Terminal → Donghae Express Bus Terminal
First bus 06:45, last bus 20:30 bus runs 12 times daily the total travel time: approx. 3 hours / Fare 17,000 won

Seoul (Gyeongbu/Yeongdong Line) Express Bus Terminal → Donghae Express Bus Terminal
First bus 06:30, last bus 23:30 / Bus runs 24 times daily / Total travel time: approx. 3 hours / Fare 16,800-24,800 won

Take a taxi from Donghae Bus Terminal to Sun Cruise Resort takes approximately 10 minutes.


Tip: From Jeongdongjin Station, walk along the seaside passing the Hour Glass Park to the main road. Walk on your right uphill until you see the sign to Suncruise Resort. It will take you about 20minutes to the entrance or take a taxi in front of the station to the resort for 5minutes.

We leave Seoul on the last departing train at 11: 45pm Friday and Departed from Jeongdongjin at 12:00 midnight Saturday arriving Cheongyangni 5:30 in the morning.

Travel expenses:

Mogungwha train  42,200won (back and forth)

       Resort Admission     5,000won

      Swimming pool       10,000won

  * You can bring your own food, but there is a convenience store, restaurants, and cafe.

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