Seoul Series

Best Summer Pools in Korea

Looking for places to drift this summer? Categorically, beaches and pools are of course the best places to delve into. While those sandy areas and calming sea water are needed to be traveled for hours or so, public swimming pools on the other hand can be checked in easily in Seoul.

With that moot point, I have listed down outdoor pools, indoor swimming pools and water theme parks for you to choose and try. I had been to mostly of these cool places and definitely had a good time.

  1. Han River Side Swimming Pools  

             Open for general public and entrance fee costs 5,000won-8,000won for a day. Opens from 9:00am to 7:00pm usually. Note that proper swimming attire is highly observe and swimming cap is a MUST!

2. Woongjin Playdoci: Water and Snow Park

      An indoor water and snow park located in Bucheon. I enjoyed this place last winter and you’ll definitely like it this summer. A huge water theme park to play around with indoor and outdoor pool, spa and sauna, slides and more. It’s a bit costly though, but no worries…. check this link, book directly from my website and it will just cost you 10 bucks. 

3. Potto Pop Corn House Pension and Pool. Best for overnight stay as reservation includes pension house. A nice play to unwind in countryside. Located near Cheongpyeong Station, the way to Gapyeong. Reservation is needed to this site.

Want further, bigger and more adventure?

4. Ocean World Water Park

This water park is located in Vivaldi Park Resort on the slopes of Palbong Mountain at Hongcheon region of Gangwon-do. Two hours and a half travel time from Seoul. Ocean World is one of the most popular summer destinations in Korea, it is in fact dubbed as the 4th Top Water Park in the world. It has a grandest Egyptian inspired architecture.

Book here for your 60% percent discount and free shuttle bus.

The farthest and with the best scenery.

5. Suncruise Resort and Yacht Hotel 

The best resort with sea water pool and the breathtaking scenery of nature. Hotel reservation is quiet costly, but the resort is so much affordable. In addition, we were able to explore the entire resort and the Gangneung beach nearby.

There you go! I provided the link for each and every places I went to.

Enjoy summer.


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