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Boryeong Mud Festival, Daecheon Beach

Beach and mud are what makes Boryeong festival a widely known summer destination in Korea. What makes the mud special? Well, Daecheon’s beach mud has a cosmetic property that said to be good for the skin and honestly, I don’t know know if it’s really true 🙂


True or not, we did had a good time on the beach and activities at the festival. Covered with mud we are! Mud slides, mud games, face painting and literally mud swimming. Long lines scenario for each and every activities though.


Hours of enjoyment and laughter. Definitely a must this summer if you haven’t experience it yet. Yearly, this mud festival lasts for two weeks and it will kick off from July 21 to July 30 this year.


Daecheon beach is always packed with swimmers, hence it is one of the closest beach from Seoul with only two and a half hours travel time and easily accessible by bus or train. Though I can’t consider it as one of the best beaches that I’d been, it was cool enough for us.


While hotels are the most convenient place at hand, camping site is also available for those who wanted to get closer to the seaside and wanted to stay overnight. Bring along your tent and fit in. Shower rooms are available with a minimal fee and we leave our stuffs in a locker room. Thus, we were not bothered and truly enjoyed the ooze.


How to get to the festival?

by Bus

Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Central) –> Boryeong (Daecheon) Estimated Time : 2 hours 20 mins. (10,900won-one way)

Dong Seoul Express Bus Terminal –> Daecheon (Boryeong) (3 hours, 8,700 won-one way)

Daecheon Terminal to Daecheon Beach


by Train

Yongsan Station –> Daecheon Station

(takes about 2 hours and 50minutes)

Travel tip: for a hassle-free summer get away check links, you need not to worry of how to go the festival.

1 Day Shuttle Package from Seoul

1 Day Shuttle Package from Busan

Boryeong Zip Trek

Enjoy summer!



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