Seoul Series

Ttukseom Resort

Ttukseom resort is my favorite swimming place from among those six public swimming pools hanging around Han river. This one’s the most popular among the foreigners too.

Not only it’s the biggest but it is also the closest from the subway station. Thus, the most accessible place to beat the heat of summer.

I guess, it’s also the most crowded one especially weekends. Summer in Korea is literally hot that most of my weekends eversince the season begun had been spent in those nearby pools already.

Last Sunday, we visited Ttukseom and deeply enjoyed the water. Pools are available for kids and adults, separately for safety purposes.

Entrance only costs ₩5000 for general admission, kids and teenagers are discounted. This resort will be open until August 27 this year.

……. ticket booth
Tube and life jackets rental
  • Direction: Ttukseom Resort.. Line 7… exit 3.

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