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Soyanggang Sky Walk at Chuncheon

From two days and one night camping as our summer outing, though we had a sleepless night, we still manage to visit Soyanggang Sky Walk. Seeing that our camping site was about 30minutes away only by train, we then took the chance to take the trip.




Located at Chuncheon-si, Gangwondo, the Sky Walk stretches over Ulamho Lake. From Seoul, rather from Sangbong Station, it will take you 81minutes to the last stop which is Chuncheon station.



From Chuncheon station, exit 1, we walked to the taxi stand and got a ride to the sky walk. Though if you wishes to walk you can do so by just walking straight passing the taxi stand for approximately 10minutes. Hence, we had a quiet heavy bags from our overnight we chose to take a ride.



There is an entrance fee of 2,000won per person but tickets are given with a coupon worth the admission. So, it’s kind of free. The coupons then can be used to purchase drinks or foods from the stores around the premises.


Before we could get to the entrance, we chose our shoe covers which all visitors are required to wear for protecting the glass floor from scratches. As we walked along, honestly I though it was a bit hair-rising nevertheless walking above water and conquering my fear of heights was unexpectedly effortless. It is because the panoramic view was just colossal.




There is a circular plaza at the end of the sky walk facing a fish statue and duck boats below. The duck boat ride can be tried costing us 15,000won (4 persons in one duck) for 30minutes.

Try it and be thrilled.

Direction: Take Gyeongchun Line….from Sangbong Station get off at the last stop Chuncheon Station (81 minutes travel)…. head to exit 1.

  • Fare (train from Sangbong Station to Chuncheon) 2,450won
  • Taxi will cost you about 3,000 won
  • Admission is 2,000won (with coupon)
  • Duck boat ride is 15,000 for 4 persons maximum

Opens from 9:00am to 5:00pm and till 8:30 on summer.

3 thoughts on “Soyanggang Sky Walk at Chuncheon”

  1. Hi. Is there a regular train going to Chuncheon, as your ticket price seems cheap considering your post is just a year ago? I bought mine just today for ₩7,300 via ITX train. Let me know if there’s a regular train as alternative transpo. for this trip.
    Thank you


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