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Samcheok Beach, Gangwon-do: Camping, Swimming and Canoeing

I love outdoors and got really excited of my first beach camping in Korea. We departed from Seoul at midnight and arrived at Samcheok beach about four in the morning of Saturday. Less traffic and smooth running travel to the countryside.

Hence we arrived before the day break, we put up our tents and got everything ready before the sun rises. It’s what I’m clinging so far from this summer trip.Tents were up and we rested for a while. Soon the sun slowly rises. Golden sky, cool sea breeze and calm sea waves hitting the shore were totally what I longed for every summer. Nature’s delight!




Samcheok beach is one among the popular beaches in the peninsula that holds a splendid view of sunrise especially on New year’s day. This place holds a yearly festival on this. When the sun’s up, we walked along the shore and ended up on those rocks sitting on the east side of the beach. We took photos and enjoy the scenery.


We then went back to our tent, prepared our breakfast and get ready for canoeing. From the beach it only took us 15minutes to the area by bus. It was another picturesque view of the ocean. I’m not quite sure how much the rentals for the canoe was as we paid our one night and 2 days travel ahead.

Canoeing took about 20minutes. Paddling back and forth was so much fun. Snorkeling was also available but we weren’t able to try it. But I guess It’s also fun because of the crystal clear water in this beach. Back to beach, we enjoyed swimming so much though waves are a bit rough still we had the best summer time.


  • If you wishes to visit… I hope this direction will help:
  • Travel time: Seoul to Samcheok is 4 hours.

Bus departs regularly with 40 to 50minutes interval from Express Bus Terminal Station, Line 3, 7 and 9 to Samcheok Bus Terminal.

  • Fare: close to 25,000won one way.

From Dong (East) Seoul Bus Terminal to Samcheok between 7:10 am and 8:05 pm.

You could bring along your own tent if you wishes to stay overnight. If tent is not your thing, hotels and motels are available near the beach side. Toilets and public showers were also available.

Suggestion: for a hassle-free trip…. check this link..Samcheok Beach + Snorkeling.

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