Seoul Series

Common Ground: A Unique Shopping Complex

Ask about shopping and for sure you will end up in a department store in Korea. Ask about a place for sight seeing and you’ll end up on one of those popular landmarks where locals and tourists flocked too. Those are the shopping and touring scenario you might have.

On the other hand, I’ll show you around to a shopping complex, a good place for sightseeing and in addition a pleasing place to enjoy leisurely walk. Distinctive places are booming in Korea. From themed cafes, interactive museums, character shops and more.

Common Ground is no exception, located at Konkuk University station. It is a shopping complex built with shipping containers. Designed and architectured for a diversed purpose.

This pop-up store contained stores of dresses, restaurants, character stores, photo booths, cafe and a night market that every visitors enjoyed, just like me. It is a one-stop shop literally and becoming a popular tourist attraction.

Location: Line 2 or 7….Konkuk University Station head to exit 6 and walk straight for 3 minutes.

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