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Paragliding at Boryeong, Chungcheomnam-do

Afraid of heights? This is then, maybe not for you. But if you want an amazing adventure in Korea, then you shouldn’t miss this. I am afraid of heights, yet from time to time I overcome my fear. Fear is just a state of mind. I’m telling you, it feels good to over power your fear.

Saturday group of adventure seekers 🙂
the taking off site… paragliding pilots getting ready..

From my zip line adventure at Mungyeong, it triggered me to try more exciting trips in Korea. After I discovered I can withstand my fear of heights, I planned this paragliding thing and can’t wait to try and fly.

our group of 3 and Craig, our pilot and tour guide…
briefing of safety precautions….

I’ve gathered a group of 3 and there we booked to the paragliding course. Since I don’t want to travel away from Seoul I look for a closer one and I stumble on this paragliding booking on a facebook ad and initially deposit 50,000 for the swing.

aerial view
where my heart stops… LOL!

Craig, the only foreigner licensed paragliding pilot and the contact person from the website, waited for us at the Express Bus Terminal at 7:30 in the morning of Saturday. We arranged for the transportation , as what the website asserted, and ended up taking the train from Yongsan station. Buses were full of passengers that day.

gearing up…
my tandem pilot 🙂

We were picked up from Daecheon station and headed straight to the paragliding site. A mountain 10minutes ride from the station and was 600feet above sea level. Cool panoramic view awaits us. Eventually it wasn’t a clear day and clouds dramatically covered most of the countryside.


a bit relaxed 🙂

After some instructions and safety precautions, we were assigned to a Korean paraglider for a tandem flight. We get ready to tango, anxious of course and a bit hesitant to take off but there’s no turning back now. Excited and aghast, deep and long breathing, leaned forward and run till I saw my feet hang and the trees below.

What a start!I sit comfortably and enjoy the scenery while screaming a bit when we glide. It took us 9minutes on air, 9 minutes of nevertheless heart-stopping moment of my life. Well honestly, I just feel like I was in an open airplane, windowless! LOL!

enjoying the glide….

And off to the landing site at the foot of the mountain where we waited for our friends. We took our souvenir videos and photos, Of course that will surely not slighted. Indeed, it was fun. Safe and sound adventure.

the landing site….
Enter a caption

After the paragliding, we took a taxi to Sky biking, another attraction in Boryeong and only in Korea.

Cost of Paragliding: 100,000won…. refer to this website.

Our transportation expenses was paid included in the package but ours going back to Seoul that costs 11,500wonby bus at Boryeong Bus Terminal or 17,000won if you wish to take the train to Yongsan Station.

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