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Sky Bike at Daecheon Beach

Just about two-hours travel from Seoul and we finally reached the one and only sky bike in Korea. Located around the coastline of Daecheon beach where the much-publicized Boryeong Mud festival was housed. It is sitting right next to the zip line course and 5minutes walk from the mud plaza.




We went on a line, took the waiting number from the ticket booth, wait to be called and paid 30,000won for 4 persons. Once we were given the ticket we directly went inside and get ready to ride. The sky bike extends up to the other side of the beach.



Back and forth, the 20minute ride gave us a breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean. The splendid outline of the shore was so pleasant. Though the sun shines brightly the sea breeze was cool and enough to enjoy the attraction. DCIM100GOPROGOPR9777.DCIM100GOPROGOPR9775.


Direction: By Bus…. from Express Bus Terminal Station (Line 3, 7 & 9) Follow the way to Shinsegae Famille Street, it is on the east side of Central City Terminal. Buy the ticket to Boryeong Bus Terminal. The beach is just walking distance from the terminal. Cost: 11,500 won (one way)

By Train…. from Yongsan Station, buy the ticket to Daecheon Beach. From the station, take the taxi to the sky bike. (Note that there is also a rail bike available, so make sure to tell the driver that you’re heading to Sky Bike. Cost: 17,000 won (one way)

Sky Bike cost: 2 persons for 1 bike…. 22,000won

4 persons for 1 bike…. 30,000won





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