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Hanuel (Sky) Park: Eulalia, Sunflower and Cosmos Fields

To me holiday is not a holiday if I wasn’t able to visit a corner in Seoul. After five days of organizing a financial literacy seminar for Filipinos in Korea, I’m finally on my feet alone.

Great view from the top of Haneul park.
View from the middle of the stairs overlooking the Han river.
The 291 steps of the popular stair to Haneul Park.

Of course, it isn’t really that fun moving around companionless that’s why my travel partner  joined me after I visited Haneul Park or rather the Sky park at World Cup station and spent together the rest of the day at book street and Hongdae

Haneul Park was certainly a huge park and categorically one of the most visited park by locals and tourists especially in autumn season. It may seem to be an ordinary park to many, however the eulalia or silver grasses which filled up almost a quarter of the entire meadow, was the main reason that attracts visitors.

From the main entrance located at the base of the hill, I arrived early, however there was already a long line of people buying tickets for the shuttle car. Visitors usually get on that shuttle going up and leisurely walked down. I consumed 15minutes lining up for the ticket, 30minutes to get on the shuttle and 5minute ride to the top. Yup, that’s how it was! Well honestly, I did expect that since Korea was still embracing the golden holiday last Monday.

Because of a long line in that early time, most of the people walked, I tried that once last year and it took us 20minutes to reach the top on foot and so I wanted to try the shuttle this time and got to walked down by the stairs where people use for a shortcut. G0051338.jpg

I made a round, I walked and walked and saw the beauty of every corner of Haneul Park. The cosmos greeted the visitors in white and pink radiant colors. Eulalia or the cogon grass was tall and it’s everywhere. Some corners had photo zones provided. And the field of sunflower was great.


photo zone…sunflower field behind me
silver grasses taller than me…
cosmos field

Direction: Take Line 6 to World Cup Stadium Station.. head to exit 1. Walk past the stadium to the parking lot until you see the main highway. Cross the pedestrian and continue walking on the side of the road until you see the World Cup sign. There is another pedestrian ahead of you, cross and you’ll find the way to the shuttle ticket booth or you could just continue walking until you find the stairs. Most of the people from the station will probably go to this park so you could just follow them.

Shuttle ticket cost 3,000won per person for a round trip and no entrance fee. So when you purchase the ticket say “wangbok” in Korean. It means round trip. Keep the rest of the ticket for your ride going down.





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