Seoul Series

Gyeongchun Line Forest Park: A Discarded Railroad Turned Into a Park

As we chased the beautiful cherry blossoms around Seoul, I stumbled upon this article about an old railroad park with pictures of beautiful sakuras in full bloom. Looking forward for this picturesque view we headed to this once disused railroad to see it for ourselves.

Luckily, cherry blossoms are still pleasing in sight and there was a festival going on when we visited. Lots of people as usual and children were countless running and playing. In a way, we still manage to take tons of nice pictures.

The old trains on display were the major attractions to visitors and there were some young Koreans who dressed up that matches the ambience of the place. Feels like you were from a different era. Such a nice idea for photography lovers.

A young Korean woman dressed up to match the old setting of this park.

Photo zone in the middle of the railways.

Showing you more of our photos.

Inside the old trains.

More photos of the far end old train.

We obviously had fun on this day.

Location: (Walking from the station will take you about 10 minutes. Just follow the railroad to arrive at the entrance of the park.)

Line 6/Hwarangdae Station/exits 2 or 4

Line 1/Wolgye Station/exit 1

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