Museums and Cafe

Urban Space: Café and a Party Place

Looking for a place to celebrate your special event? No worries, Urban Space got you covered! Located in the center of Myeongdong, this ethereal alcohol cafe will make you beam. And who will not? With a pool of balloons, swing and colorful set up inside?We’re so delighted and got excited the moment we saw the flowery entrance, (spoiler alert: artificial pink flowers) it’s instagrammable though. From our bowling fun day we headed up to celebrate for the winners and losers too! Bowling’s fun for first timers, yay!Here’s how we enjoyed the place. Played like kids, literally. Took tons of instagrammable photos and take pleasure sipping our drinks.Precisely a pretty place to be after our fun game yet prices of the drinks or cocktails that they served are also pretty ranging from ₩13,000~₩15,000 they have long menu options ready for you all in attractive set up^^.Urban Space is located at the back of Forever 21 store Myeongdong station, Line 4, exit 6.

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