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Cosmos and Autumn Flower Fields in Seoul

After those long hot and humid days of summer here comes another season in Korea, the autumn. Everyone’s starting to feel the crisp air, less sunshine, a bit chilly night and those pretty autumn flower fields are slaying instagrams and social medias again. Yep, you read it right! What more could we do on a beautiful season between summer and winter than staying outdoors and take pleasure wandering around Seoul.

There are booming numbers of autumn flower fields and of course literally increasing reasons for your travel goals. For queen bees, flower beds are picture perfect! For
supportive beaus ever, here are your places to sound so romantic! Put on that walking shoes, your best outfit of the days and don’t dare forget your camera.

Here’s my list of cosmos flower fields and other autumn flower beds in SEOUL. Starting from the closest to most distant.

1.Yellow Cosmos Field at Olympic Park.

Direction: Seoul subway line 5 Olympic Park Station, exit 3. Walk towards the direction of the park and turn left after the crescent moon like sculpture. Walk until you see a bridge. It will lead you to the entrance. It will take you 15minutes on foot from the station.

or from Jamsil station (Line 2 and 8) exit 11… at the bus stop get on bus #3413 and get off at Olympic Park Rose Garden bus stop approximately 10minutes. Once you get off, walk to the intersection and cross to the opposite road.

2. Haneul Park: Eulalia, Sunflower and Cosmos

Direction: Take Line 6 to World Cup Stadium Station.. head to exit 1. Walk past the stadium to the parking lot until you see the main highway. Cross the pedestrian and continue walking on the side of the road until you see the World Cup sign. There is another pedestrian ahead of you, cross and you’ll find the way to the shuttle ticket booth or you could just continue walking until you find the stairs. Most of the people from the station will probably go to this park so you could just follow them.

3.Cosmos Flower Field at Guri

Jamsil Station Line 2…head to exit 7 (that’s the underground shopping center so just continue following the direction to the end of the underground until you see the escalator). Walk to the bus stop and wait for bus #1670, #1100, or #2000. Get off at Topyeong IC, it’s just right before Jamsil station, it’s an expressway and yes, it’s only 1 bus stop away. As you get off, walk forward to the pedestrian there’s the stairs going down. Walk to your right and you’ll see those pretty flowers.

4. Nari Park at Yangju

To get a glimpse of this park, take Line 1 (blue line) to Yangju station, head to exit 2, cross the pedestrian, get on bus #80 and get off at Haedungmaeul. Takes only 10minute ride.

And there you go, the best thing about these places??? NO entrance fees!

Enjoy and don’t forget to share this link. Let’s make people know these happy places.

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