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Goyang Autumn Flower Festival 2019

Autumn is just like another spring and if you think that the flower festivals are only popular in spring, then you’re wrong. Korea has an equally beautiful autumn flower farms and festival too. In line with the much awaited color changing of ginko trees in yellow gold and maple trees in orange to crisp red, autumn flower fields are mere reasons why you should stay outdoors and enjoy the weather before the spell of winter comes. Lake park in Ilsan attracts thousands of visitors every year at Goyang spring flower festival and autumn flower festival is annually held there too, but not as popular as the first one though.

Maple trees starting to change color.
Halloween display as part of the exhibit.

We visited Ilsan lake park for the season’s flower exhibit on its opening day and we walked around the lake, literally. Oh, by the way the exhibit is of free entrance this time and set until October 13, 2019 . Autumn flowers in halloween theme are in display and its really pretty cute.

Been here for several spring festival but this is my first to see the autumn flower display. There’s not much to expect actually, nevertheless our visit was still enjoyable hence we stroll around the park leisurely.

It took us 3 hours of strolling (with rest of course!) and enjoying the scenery around the lake. Here are the rest of the things that you can take joy with your eyes and make happy feel photos.

Ilsan park is accessible by subway, the easiest way… take Seoul subway line 3/orange line and get off at Jeongbalsan station exit 2 (walk on your right and walk thru the park until you see the foot bridge that will lead you to the lake). The flower festival will end up shortly but for sure the colors of fall will come sooner.

Enjoy autumn!

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