Seoul Series

Namsan Park’s Cosmos Trail

A lovely day spent walking along the cosmos trail! Indeed a wak to the clouds as I climbed up through the stairs of Namsan park from Namdaemun market. Luckily, there was a festival going on last weekend and the flowers, roses particularly was displayed charmingly. Visitors once again, both locals and tourists were lined up taking pictures.

To this date, the festival and rose display ended but the attractive orange cosmos flowers are still on its peak. In addition, the fortress and sunset sight should not be missed of you are in Seoul this autumn season.

I so love this dainty little flower in autumn and it also comes in different colors in some other parts of Seoul. If yu want to take stroll in this park it is easily reachable from Line 4, Hoeyeon station, exit 4.Just follow the sign from the station When you’re out of exit 4, walk a few steps and turn left to the first corner. Walk straight to the end of the alley, it’s actually going up and about 5minutes or so. The way alley will lead you to the entrance of th park after crossing the big pedestrian. Here are the festival pictures and what awaits you from the top.

Enjoy your stroll and please share this link for others to know this beautiful place too.

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