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Witch’s Kitchen: A Place for Your Halloween Dining

Halloween is approaching, let me guess…. you’re costume’s on, am I right? For kids, candies and chocolates or rather trick or treating are what they are looking forward to. Yet, for adults dressing up it is! Might not be all but admit it, it’s fun doing it so with friends. In Seoul, Itaewon and Hongdae’s club are always hosting a halloween party with the selection of best costume most of the time and these places are best if you really wanted to experience that party thing.

If not and you just wanted to experience fine dining in a halloween atmosphere, you might like checking out this witch themed restaurant, the Witch’s Kitchen at Hyewha station. They actually have branches at Hongdae, Sinchon, and Gangnam too. My Friends and I untimely come for this marvel, we just intentionally looked for a place to satisfy our belly and we tried it out. Never knowing that we were able to experience an early halloween treat and here’s what we got…

Not literally freaky yet spooky. A non alcoholic drink in IV injection that flows to the iced glass, tastes sweet actually. We had pasta with tomb shaped bread on top, a creamy one. We weren’t expecting that the resto was this perky. The staff are dolled up like Chucky.

Menu book is in a newspaper form and looks really cute. Witch’s Kitchen offers varieties of food selection but mainly pizza and pasta.

Take pleasure enjoying the food and spooky atmosphere you can dine in in your selected halloween costume, and even not halloween at Witch’s Kitchen…just take line 4 get off at Hyewha station and head to exit 4, it’s just next to the CGV movie house.