Seoul Series

Seoul Forest Park in Autumn

Autumn is on its peak! It’s again the best time for outdoor walk and to enjoy this season with crisp cool air. Well, actually it’s now getting colder everyday and very soon the spell of winter will blow in. The weather was fine and the sun shines brightly yesterday when I had another visit again in Seoul Forest park.

This park as the third largest in Seoul is a also a must visit in spring, well I believe in all seasons I guess. Every year, there are additional attractions and reasons to come here. Apparently, we’ll never know what awaits in our visit. Just like this years’ spring where I stumbled upon the tulips garden and it’s really beautiful.

As I walked and walked around the park, I really enjoyed the stunning beauty of autumn foliage here. So much to see and explore like the Eco Forest part. The ginko, maple and cherry (blossoms) trees are all in vibrant colors. Leaves that falls on the ground were even prettier to look at.

Indeed, fall is just another spring. And because I visited last Wednesday, a weekday, as expected only few people were around. Most of the time when you visit on weekends it’s always crowded. Still, hence the park is literally huge you will for sure manage to find a spot for your instagrammable photo.

There it goes, my landscape photos taken with my GoPro hero6 only. For location, no worries this park is so easy to find and accessible thru Seoul subway Yellow Line or Bundang Line. The name of the park is the name if the subway station itself, so it’s not hard to remember, Seoul Forest Park station head to exit 3 or (you can use the elevator) walk a few steps on your right then you will find the entrance after passing Understand Avenue.