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Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Park: A Rainbow of Autumn Colors

Yangjae Citizen’s Forest park is one of the parks in Seoul with the best sight of cherry blossoms. The park is not that popular to foreign visitors but it is known to locals as a common picnic ground. And who else will not like sitting under the shades of the trees of cherry blossom, ginkgo, maple, wild flowers and other plants?

I so loved the array of cherry blossoms here and if you haven’t visited it yet in spring, you’ve got to plan it out. I promise you, you will also be captivated by the beauty of this scenery. Hence, I revisited the forest park a day ago and I am again totally mesmerized by the beauty of autumn foliage. Really it is one of the best park this season to stroll around.

Cherry blossoms in spring.

There’s not much of special attractions here but it is indeed splendid this season because of the spell of autumn colors, the crisp autumn colors!

Located at Yangjae Citizen’s Forest in Red line of Seoul subway station and head to exit 5. Cross the road and enjoy walking under the magical autumn foliage. It isn’t that big so you can take your time walking and take more pictures you wanted.