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Pink Muhly and Cosmos Field, Anseong Farmland

Autumn it is! The bright, sunny and warm weather of this early autumn leads the crowd to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature amidst the threat of what the people around the world is braving, the pandemic. While at this moment social distancing is strictly observed here in the peninsula, especially Seoul, the public managed to still enjoy their weekends with their family. And so parks, farmlands, flower fields and other open gardens for recreations are the most popular places to spend the weekend off.

Entrance to horse riding and kart racing.
Picnic area
Magic Art Hall or 3D Art Hall

One of those is the Anseong farmland located in Anseong-si, Gyeonggido. South of Seoul and an hour away by express bus approximately 70 kilometers. I was able to tour around the farmland last Sunday and it’s not a surprise that a large crowd was eventually in there. There are lots of fun activities to do for all ages and the main attraction was the pink muhly (a plant with purple-pink flowers) hill and the vast cosmos flower field in pink and light orange too. Yes, these flowers are the main characters this month of October.

Pink muhly hill
Another pink muhly hill

Pink is kind of the new color of early autumn as these flowers prettyfies the most region of the peninsula. This farmland is literally huge that locals are lining up for the family bike that they can ride on as it will going to take time exploring on foot especially with kids around.

Short cosmos field
Cosmos and Pink muhly hill

Want to check out this place? Well, it is best to visit if you have a car as the free shuttle bus is not operating in this time of pandemic. I strongly suggest that you check their official website on their normal operation. Though the transportation from Seoul to this farmland is quite easy, going home is the opposite. From Nambu Bus Terminal buy a ticket to Gongdo Bus Terminal, I paid 4,700won (one way) and took taxi for 20minutes (about 20,000won) it is quite near from Gongdo bus terminal but traffic is real. There was a long line of cars going to the farm too on weekend. Call taxi is available but there were many people too waiting and calling taxi to take them out.

Tall cosmos flower field
Up close with the ostrich

Town buses are available but the bus stop is far from the attraction and walking is honestly not a good idea. Entrance costs 12,000 won for adults and discounted for children. Also, closed on Mondays only.

Address: 28 Daesindu-gil, Gongdo-eup, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

**all these photos are taken from my Gopro hero 6 black 🙂

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