Seoul Series

Seoul Olympic Park: Spring, Summer and Autumn

Olympic park is one of my favorite place to spend time leisurely been there a lot of times and in different seasons too. Technically, it will consume more than 3 hours of your time if you wanted to go around and get a whole glimpse of this huge park. Originally, this park was built when Seoul hosted the 1988 Summer Olympic, thus sports facilities are so evident here even today.

Olympic Peace Gate Photo zone
Peace Gate up close

Seoul, day and night is a busy city and definitely a crowded one but I so admire the parks built and preserved inside the city. I’ve seen people that on their  lunch breaks or after work they make sure to have a quick short walks on these parks with a cup of coffee on their hands, an instant reliever maybe. Does Olpark, short for Olympic park is no different. Divided into different areas as to arts and culture, recreation and sport, history (the Baekje) and environment.

walking path around the park …
View from the top of the walking path overlooking the pond and the Lotte Seoul Tower

Here are the things and places you might want to do and checkout when you have time to come here. Wanna do it in seasons? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Though I feel sad to tell you that I haven’t been here during winter, I don’t really like outdoors in that season. Let’s start shall we?

Spring, I’m telling you the array of cherry blossom trees is one of the best spot here. You’ll never be disappointed rooming around.

The cherry blossoms trees from the walking path hill.
Locals used to spend time here after a leisurely walk.
Sansuyu tree on early spring.

Summer, since mostly of this season is humid and dry make sure you go a leisure walk after five in the afternoon. Don’t miss out the fountain, wild flowers and green lushly grass. It also has a beautiful rose garden.

…. rose plaza
…. field of small flowers
…. the musical fountain
… green lushy grass

Autumn, the one with a dazzling sight where every leaf is a flower. Crimson, gold and rusty color of leaves in each and every tree. Every corner of Olpark is beautiful, well actually the entire peninsula is. Thus, for sure if not only with this pandemic, flocks of tourists will be here again to see the beauty of South Korea this season.

…a ginko tree on its gold color

Whenever I feel like I needed a long walk, Olpark is the best one for me. I always find the tranquility and solace here. Walking paths are really great whatever season it is.

the cosmos field
… pink muhly grass
… the popular lonely tree

Address: 424 Olympic-ro, Oryun-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul

How to get there:

Take Seoul Subway line 5 (Purple line) to Olympic Park station, exit 3.

Line 8 (Pink) to Mongchontoseong Station, exit 1

There is no entrance fee and the park is open year round. Restaurant, coffee shop and convenience store are available too. Bikes are also available for rent in a fair price. Road train or “Hodori train” can be found on the right side of Peace Square (the plaza with flags of different countries) which you can ride with a minimal fee to take you around saving your time but it runs by schedule.

There you go have fun on your visit and please do share this article if you find it useful.

Enjoy your day!

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