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Asan Gingko Tree Road

Asan Gingko Tree Road has long been in my autumn bucket list and finally was able to make it this year. Though in Seoul gingkos are all over, the closer sight of those towering trees in a long array is just difficult to ignore and enough for us to disregard the long travel just to get our feet in there. Yup! you read it right a long travel. If you are from Seoul, KTX will take you 40minutes to Asan and the distance from train station to the attraction took us 30minutes more.

This place in autumn is so popular for tourists and locals, kind of one of the best spot for landscape photographers in this season which means as usual a crowded place. It is also a perfect spot for prenup pictorials as we have seen several couples having theirs and ours was a leisurely walk that day so we just enjoyed the sunny and crisp autumn weather.

Considered as one of the highlights of fall scenery, gingko trees are not only beautiful its berries or nuts also comes with health benefits and here are those: powerful antioxidants, fight inflammation, improves blood circulation and hearth health, reduce anxiety and it could also support eye and vision health. Though we may not like its vomit like odor we cannot deny the fact that it is a healthy one.

Asan Gingko Tree Road is located at 259-2 Baekam-ri, Yeomchi-eup, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do. We traveled by KTX from Yongsan Station at 10am and get off at Asan station, our fare was 13,100won. From Asan station, we transferred to Line 1 (dark blue line) to Onyangoncheon Station and took a taxi for less than 4,000won. However, if you take the regular train, the subway line 1, it will take you two and a half hour or up to three hours to the gingko tree road.

Eventually, we chose the express bus going home from Yesan bus terminal to Seoul express bus terminal as it is more comfortable than taking the regular train it took one hour and 30minutes. Yesan bus terminal is close from Onyangoncheon station, so if ever you’re visiting from the gingko road just tell the taxi driver to drop you off in that bus terminal. I also has bus to Incheon. By the way, the fare was 7,400won.

Enjoy the scenery!

4 thoughts on “Asan Gingko Tree Road”

  1. Hello! I want to make a post on intagram to describe how in autumn in South Korea and I want to put some photos of Asan. Can I use two of the photos you posted on this article? I would like to have the permission for the first one nineth one if is possible


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