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Gunpo Azalea Festival

Flowers are everywhere and flower festivals are in spitting distance. Hence cherry blossoms had long been off, azaleas are slaying the peninsula in vibrant colors.

Azalea flowers lasts for several weeks and fancied by its bright colors, form and foliage. With its varieties it’s popularly known as “The Royalty of Garden”. In Korea, pink mountains are on the spotlight these days. 

Hills and mountains are fully covered with pìnk azaleas that made the scenery pretty awesome from a distance. I’ve been to Azalea garden at Wonmisan and it was certainly stunning. Cherry blossoms and forsythias blended well with the azaleas that time.

Last Saturday when we visited the Gunpo Royal Azalea Hill, it wasn’t full bloom yet and the festival will be held on April 28-30. Eventhough it wasn’t festival time, the hill was eventually a sea of pink and crowd were thick. Programs were held on performance stage.

This royal azalea garden is worth to visit this weekend and if you’re a flower lover it will surely give you a wondrous spring.

Direction: Take Line 4 to Surisan Station..exit 3. Walk straight passing the park. You’ll find a map and the entrance after 5 minutes walk.


A Myriad of Pink Azaleas in Korea: Best Three Spots to Wander

Royal azalea is native to the Korean Peninsula. It blooms appealingly late of April up to early summer and really an attraction for nature lovers. Its colors varies from white to pink and obviously the myriad of pink flounder most.

To catch a glimpse of this dainty flower and capture instagrammable photos here are my best spots for you to wander.

Starting out with Wonmi Bucheon Azalea Hill (Wonmisan Azalea Festival), though the festival has ended, azaleas are still on its peak and worth the visit. Located In Bucheon City.  How to go: Take Line 7 to Bucheon Stadium station, exit 2. Walk straight about 5 minutes and turn left on the sign of Azalea Garden.


The next one is, Gunpo Royal Azalea or the Gunpo Royal Azalea Festival. Lucky you, the festival will be held from April 24-28, 2019. This hill is eventually a sea of flowers.

Direction: Take Line 4 to Surisan Station..exit 3. Walk straight passing the park. You’ll find the entrance after 5 minutes walk.


And of course my favorite of among these three, the Goryeo Mountain Azaleas or the Goryeosan Jindalle Festival in Gangwha, Incheon. This nature wonder is a spot for hikers usually, but don’t worry even if you’re a first timer you will brave out this one. And yes, the festival was over too yet not to worry the flowers are still in full bloom.


View for the other mountain.

Here’s how to go: (From Seoul) Take Subway Line 2 to Sinchon station and head to exit. Walk to the nearest bus stop and get on bus 3000 (an express bus) to Gangwha Intercity Bus Terminal (that’s the last stop actually). From the terminal, take bus #1, 23, 25, 27, 30 32 or 70 and get off to Gangwha History Museum.

Enjoy this pretty flower only in Korea.