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Joggyesa Temple Chrysanthemum Festival 2017

Move over cosmos, chrysanthemum is here. This is the time of the year where chrysanthemums bloom and if you love this little colorful flower, Joggyesa temple will be a perfect place.

Last year, I was able to visit this festival but unfortunately the festival was some days over. However, I still was able to witness the beauty of this flower though not on its pinnacle allure. And yet I was hushed by the way it was displayed at the temple.

Gladly thru a post of a friend inviting for a weekend visit, I decided to take a stint yesterday because my weekend will be kind of engaged for a certain activity. And since I’ve got extra time in the morning then there I was.

Walking around, chrysanthemums were displayed in an exquisite work of art. I remembered last year there was a maze of this flower right after the entrance. This fall on its 7th year of the festival was again in another beautiful and colorful array.

The festival started October 13th and will end November 8th.

Located at Anguk Station of subway  line 3 or the orange line. Walk towards exit 6 to Insadong. Walk straight passing the tourist information booth on your left. Cross the pedestrian (after the small plaza), walk on your left and continue walking until you see the main entrance to the temple. It will certainly take only 5minutes on foot.


Joggyesa Temple

Joggyesa Temple is one of the most important symbol of Buddhism in Korea. Located in the heart of Seoul, this temple is close to Insadong. Also considered as one amongst the most eminent  Buddhist temple in Seoul.

If you are to visit this temple, don’t miss the days before the celebration of Yeon Deung Hoe or the Lotus Lantern Festival. The annual festival is celebrated a week before Buddha’s birthday.

This year 2017, the festival will run from April 28-30. With lotus lanterns, street parades, performances, exhibits and other exciting ectivities. The festival will held at Dongduk stadium, Cheonggye stream, Beonggeunsa Temple and Joggyesa temple.

Joggyesa temple as these days is currently adorned by colorful lanterns in preparation for the coming festival. The festival and displays of traditional lanterns at Cheonggyecheon will last until May 7.

Direction: Line 3… Angguk Station..exit 6. Walk past Insadong cross the pedestrian, walk to your left for about 3 minutes.

From Line 1…Jonggak Station…exit 2…walk straight for 5 minutes.

Unhyeong Palace: The Hall of Royal Family Culture

Touring around the palaces in Korea is such a great experience. It’s topping the list of the foreigner’s itineraries. I may say that you’ve never been in the peninsula if you missed those primes.


Just imagine these enfeebled royal residences preserved for thousands of years. A great culture and tradition located in the middle of the city and surrounded by modish sophistication.

I’d been to other palaces in Seoul and they all actually have a display of great design and architecture. However, honestly speaking they all look the same. They differ on the other hand on some special portion. For an instance, Gyeongbukgung has a beautiful pond with an immense landscape under the moonlight, Changdeoukgung with its splendid secret garden and Changgyeongung with a stream surrounded by cherry blossoms.


Last spring, I came across a poster of The Royal Wedding Reenactment of Garye for King Gojong and Queen Myeongseong at Unhyeongung and all of a sudden I remember that I’ve never been there. So I checked the date and plotted it on my calendar.


So here we are, the day of the reenactment falls on the same day of Lotus Lantern Festival for which the big preparation was at Joggyesa Temple. All right, we were late actually and sorry for that! Anyway we’ve got to see the last part and guess which was that? … the commemorative photography!


Luckily, this royal program is done twice a year and the next and last reenactment this year will be on September 30, 2017 at 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. and I’ll be making sure that I’ll be there on time.


… the king and the queen after the ceremony…


To give you a glimpse of these procedures, Garye is a royal wedding ceremony it will then portray the ceremony of King Gojong and Queen Myeongseong in 1866, a traditional dance about their beautiful beginnings, royal procession with palace officials and soldiers, palatial dances and the commemoration in which the King will receive the Queen.


So, if you’ve no plan yet for this day, remember it’s September 30, Saturday this is great place to be as it happens only two times a year and in addition a walk inside Unhyeongung is a nice palace too. It may be the smallest palace in Seoul but with a beauty of its own.

Tip: Admission is free year round. There is also a hanbok rental shop inside.


(1) Anguk Station of Orange line or subway line number 3, 2 minutes walk from exit 4, by just walking straight.

(2) Jungno 3-ga, Line 3, Exit 5