FILIPOS: Basic Camera Setting and Photo Manipulation Workshop by Norman Lauson

Learning the basic is primitive and in the art of photography if you want to carry off, it is essential to know the fundamentals and everything about your accomplices, camera and Photoshop!



photo credit: Kuki Nil

Your camera, whatever brand you have hanging there in your neck will be useless if one doesn’t know how it’s entire complexities works. And agree with me or not, learning these basic camera settings is a pain in the butt! How much more if you want to acquire the skills of photo manipulation? Well, tell me:)


For Filipino Photographers in South Korea, sharing skills and knowledge when it comes to camera settings and photo editing is one of its undertakings. Nonetheless, each member who may be acquainted with the basics of this hobby that they choose, still ensure that learning new craft is a must.


Evidently, the workshop conducted by Norman Lauson, an active FILIPOS member, hard-working EPS worker and a freelance photographer and videographer, was an affirmation of its members’ interest of the field.17036151_1773403712986916_1197301904_o.jpgThe workshop was a day activity at Hana Darin Damunwha Center held last February 26, 2017 from 9:00 to 4:00pm and was actively and well participated. Members and even non-members were welcomed.


Photo manipulation was one of the topic and it is where the excitement uproar. Manipulating photos is another vital in this bailiwick and to blend in you must know how to use the Photoshop software. In this manner, the skills and knowledge shared by Norman Lauson was indeed greatly appreciated by all.



Norman Lauson.. photographer & videographer

As the cold weather subsides in Korea, FILIPOS is here again getting ready for the spring photo shoots. Time to practice what was learned in this workshop. If you’re interested to join and learn about photography from the pioneering photography club in Korea, send us a message and we’ll gladly welcome you.




Ice fishing is one great outdoor activity in winter. It’s a festival that locals and foreigners look forward to in this season and the most popular is Hwacheon Sancheono Ice festival in Gangwon-do.


People fishing over the frozen river.

Staying outdoors with a negative temperature is really a combat especially to overseas Filipinos, as we are from tropical country and used to hot weather. However, it is the most exciting when it comes to outdoor activities in Korea.DSC09952.jpg

Hence, the winter leisure activities are absolutely amusing to try. The snowfall, not to mention, will always leave you in an awe even to those working and living in Korea for a long time.DSC09966.jpg

Leaving Seoul as early as 8:00am of Sunday, January 22 with friends from Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA), Filipino Photographers In South Korea (FILIPOS) and other members of Filipino community brimming with excitement to experience fishing on a frozen river made everyone zestful.SONY DSC

And so, the blast begins upon entering the fishing site and got prepared with the fishing gear. The smile on our faces was as bright as the sun that day.


Grilled trout for lunch so fresh and delicious.

However, it isn’t a piece of cake. Some caught fish in no time while others took a long time. The cheer and glee every moment that someone caught a trout, the name of the fish, was certainly bodacious. The teasing and joking to those who weren’t able to have  a single catch made our day and absolutely no dull moment.DSC00001.jpg

We also look around the world’s largest indoor ice sculpture plaza. The grand display of world famous structures carved in ice and colorfully lighted was impressive. It even have that ice slide were kids and even adults played freely._MG_2514.jpg


Certainly, we had an exceptional winter adventure with remarkable members of Filipino community.… till next season!

Naejangsan Autumn Outing with FILIPOS, FEWA, and Zumba Group

Naejangsan or Naejang Mountain in Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do is one of the five famous mountain in the Honam area. Originally called “Eungunsan” but apparently changed to Naejangsan considering “that many things are hidden in the mountain”.


View from the observatory.

This mountain is glorious and famous in all seasons throughout Korea, but most spectacular in autumn. The razzle-dazzle colors of fall foliage are what locals and foreigners behold.


The Lake.

And hence autumn is a marvelous season for exploring Korea, Filipino Communities comprised of FILIPOS, FEWA and Zumba group headed out to Naejangsan for autumn outing and together with the Philippine Ambassador to Korea himself, His Excellency Ambassador Raul S. Hernandez.


FILIPOS President Federic Aujero, Zumba ladies and His Excellency Ambassador Raul S. Hernandez (in the middle).

Our outing begun in a four hours bus travel to Jeollabuk-do leaving Seoul early morning of Sunday, November 6. As we head along and wander at the foot of the mountain…. the cool weather and the fascinating leaves in crimson and the colorful scenery are so amazing. Maple trees are not so tall that you can grab the leaves, insert yourself in between and take an epic picture.



Landscape photography is one of the interests of the members of FILIPOS, not only they capture stunning landscapes and sceneries but as we organize a trip en masse, we enjoy the beauty of nature, each others company and memories to cherish.


Happy faces (photo credit: Ericson Asuncion)


For once, FILIPOS embraced FEWA group, Zumba ladies and other nature lovers on this outing to Naejangsan. And so what do we expect? Loads and loads of fun, smiling faces, happy memories and hundreds of………. picture perfect moments!


Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA).

If you wanted to behold the beauty of this mountain, but no idea how to…hope this may help you. From Line 3, Express Bus Terminal Station, Honam line, take a bus to Jeongup. Travel time 3hours, bus start at 6:30am – 11:00pm. For train: Yongsan Station to Jeongup starts 5:20am – 11:10pm.


Group shot in a picture perfect moment.


FILIPOS: Photography Business and Workshop by Samuel Grado

An introduction to photography business and basic photography workshop was held for Filipino Photographers in South Korea (FILIPOS) by its previous president and a former EPS worker Samuel Grado  for two consecutive Sundays: October 23 at Bupyeong Atomy Center and October 30 at Damunwha Center Hansung University Station.


Samuel Grado on Basic Photography Workshop

The workshop aimed to equip FILIPOS members of the how’s of photography business in the Philippines and a hands on of wedding concept photo shoot on their last day.


Wedding Photo shoot Concept: Models: Princess Kaite Corporal and Evgeny Ten….(photo credit: Vin Amacato Photography)

Filipino Photographers in South Korea to some may just be a club of hobbyist photographers, but numerous members are taking it to the next level and that is …… getting to the photography business itself.


Wedding concept photo shoot behind the scene.

Photography requires skill and passion, it’s not just having that latest cameras and gears out there, you should also be buckled up with knowledge and mastery… and if you do that is clearly an edge to this feat. Anyone can be a photographer but it takes time to master. That is why workshops and photo shoots are provided for FILIPOS members.


Workshop day one.

Samuel Grado has his own photo studio in Philippines that he started after finishing his contract as EPS worker in Korea. He introduced basic photography, lightings, giving highlight to wedding and event photography and maintaining a photo studio.


Photo shoot on day two…(photo credit: Ericson Asuncion)

Having an owned business might be an ultimate dream of an overseas Filipino worker…. well, who doesn’t anyway? After long years of hard work and being away from our family we must have one to start with.

FCIS Siheung Got Talent Season 2

Filipino Community In Siheung (FCIS) successfully held its second year talent contest at Siheung Migrants Welfare Center located at Siheung City, Gyeonggido Saturday, September 24, 2016.


FCIS Officers…photo by: Ericson Asuncion

FCIS is composes of a dedicated and hardworking officers that ensures the welfare of its members: President Dennis Santos; Vice president Joel Badulis; Secretary Nelma Maderse; Treasurer Mary Gane Parcon; Auditor Nico Manuel; PRO Dana dela Cruz and Tess Lee; Business Managers Buenalyn Gepana, Danica Alcontin and Marlon Miranda; Advisers Richard Fegarido,Marilou Mempin and Ademore Tablada.

And when it comes to talent, Filipinos are shining with it …. will anyone disagree?


The contestants.

The contestants brandished their talents in the form of singing, dancing, artwork and playing the guitar. The search was quiet tight for there is a diverse line of contestants with immense talents that makes it arduous to the panel of judges, namely: Gennie Kim of Woongjin Foundation (chairwoman); Leover Loyola, Landbank representative (tabulator); Luz Robregado, Secretary of Filipos; Princess Kate Corporal, Sentbe Marketing Manager; Cherrylyn Tolentino, Fewa President; Jeong Chun Ho, Atomy Cosmetics Branch Manager and Yang Beom, Cheonra General Manager.


Gand Champion… Verga Fatima Guingona.


Verga Fatima Guingona bagged the Grand Champion title with a trophy, gift items, certificate and 500,000won in cash.


Robert Capati…First Runner Up.


Robert Capati as the First Runner Up with a trophy, gift items, certificate and 300,000won.


Julius Gazer….Second Runner Up.


and the Second Runner Up, Julius Gazer, who took home gift items, certificate and 200,000won.


Winners of raffle draw.



Alongside with this competition that bestowed merriment to everyone, FCIS extended aid to one of its fellow member, the father of Marky Susim who had undergone a lung operation in the Philippines is the beneficiary of their fund raising this year in the form of raffle.


The winners and the FCIS community…photo by: Ericson Asuncion.


A community that helps each other is a community that grows together.

Kudos! FCIS, for such inspiring activeness.


All for Juan, One for All Sports fest 2016

On its third year, All for Juan, One for All Sports fest was successfully held last Sunday, August 21, 2016 at Yongsan Culture and Sports Centre. Aimed to promote sportsmanship and camaraderie thru a friendly game amongst Filipino community.

For two consecutive years, this sports fest was a friendly game of four Filipino organizations in South Korea, namely: the Filipino EPS Workers in South Korea (FEWA), Filipino Photographers in South Korea (FILIPOS), Philippine Engineers Association in Korea (PEAK) and the Pinoy Iskolars in Korea (PIKO). This year, five organizations played and competed for a remarkable milestone, the Filipino community in Siheung (FCIS) joined in.


From the left Federic Aujero (FILIPOS), Julius Marvin Flores (PIKO), His Excellency Ambassador Raul S. Hernandez, Richard Corpuz (FEWA), Oliver Mangabang (PEAK) and Dennis Santos (FCIS)…presidents of each organization on their ceremonial toss.

Imagine the fun and excitement that each and every member of these big Filipino communities felt during the day. Their hopes and aspirations to bring home the honor as winners of each games lingered upon them.


His Excellency Ambassador Raul S. Hernandez on his inspirational message.

Graced by the presence of His Excellency Ambassador Raul S. Hernandez, who gave an inspirational message and joined the basketball team of FCIS, and was the team champion in Basketball.


Ambassador Raul Hernandez with the sponsors representative from Metrobank and Seoul Global Center.

Miss Jin Sun Kyung of Seoul Global Center’s Daily Living Consultation Team also gave her congratulatory message to everyone.



Each organization competed for volleyball, basketball, chess and tug-of-war. The ball games were so impressive. Despite the busy working schedules of everyone they manage to exhibit their avidity, overflowing energy and the gaiety for the whole day event.


The playing Ambassador on their first game of basketball, FCIS vs. FILIPOS.

Regardless of the fevered temperature that everyone endured, the ferocity continuous and led to victorious success to defend each team… the cheering and support to their players are truly momentous.


Basketball Champion…FCIS team

FCIS, on their first time to join was the Basketball Champion this year, Nelson Gustilo was awarded as Most Valuable Player and PEAK was its Runner up.


PIKO team

For volleyball game, PIKO won as Champion awarding the Most Valuable Player to Joedie Perez, FEWA team got the Runner Up award.


FEWA team

Antonio Bongon Jr., was Chess Champion from PEAK. Best Muse goes to Jensen Roja of FEWA and the Best in Uniform and Tug-of-War were bagged by FEWA too.




This remarkable event was sponsored and supported benevolently by the Philippine Department of Tourism-Seoul (DOT), Financial Literacy Advocates Network (FLAN), Seoul Global Center, Cheonra, Landbank, Metrobank, Sentbe, and the Philippine Overseas Labor Office-Phillipine Embassy (POLO).


Kudos to the effort of the All for Juan Committees for making this stupendous event happened, to FCIS- Dennis Santos (president); FEWA- Richard Corpuz (president) and Cherry Lyn Tolentino (vice pres.); FILIPOS – Federic Aujero (president) and Luz Robregado (secretary); PEAK – Oliver Mangabang (president) Dave Bautista and Ale Agustin (members); and PIKO – Julius Marvin Flores (president) and Joseph Albert Mendoza (sports committee head).


FILIPOS: Basic Digital Photography Workshop at KPTII Korea, Incheon

Exceeding number of Filipinos living and working in South Korea are brandishing enthusiasm in the art of photography. Either they have that latest cellphone camera to that complicated DSLR.

Though they may have that passion, what matters most of course is that, one must know the basics of camera settings.

The Filipino Photographers In South Korea, FILIPOS as known to many in the Filipino community in Korea has this edge when it comes to photography. As a pioneering photography group, they had been initiating workshops on basic camera operations up to editing. Not only for their aspiring members but extending its perspective to other Filipino Community.


FILIPOS Photo shoot: photo credit…Vin Amacato

Recently, two consecutive Sundays of workshop was held at Korea Port Training Incheon Institute (KPTII) at Human Resources Department thru the coordination of Ms. Gennie Kim, HRD volunteer and a member of FILIPOS.


Karl Garcia, an active member of FILIPOS and a skilled event photographer, presented the basic camera operations, DSLR components, the importance of exposure triangle and the top 10 compositions on the first Sunday, July 24, 2016.


The second Sunday, July 31, was an additional information and presentation by Allan Lafuente, also an active member with a great skill in portraiture photography.



Photography is an extensive topic and comprehending takes time. One must know that you should possess skill and passion if you want to be a master of this art.

Nevertheless, “there are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” _ Ansel Adams