FREE Classes for Migrant Workers in Korea

Did you know that there are skill courses offered free to all migrants in Korea? Yup, you read it right! A lot of migrant centers in Korea offers not only counseling or helping foreigners with labor problems.


Summer Outing last July 29-30,2017 at The Sharp pension, Daesongri Station

Significantly, they also furnish free skills and business related classes that will help migrants cope up with the locals and acquire skills as well while working.

Cooking class starts 10:00~12:00noon

Cooking Class on Chicken Soup Day

YGMC or Yangcheon Global Migrants Center in Seoul is one of those center. I say as a student of this center, staffs are so welcoming and with friendly spirit.


Schedule for second semester 2017

Classes available are immensely useful as aces. The center’s premises houses a complete instructional materials that surely ensures learning and I’m telling you teacher’s are great too!

Yangcheon has two semesters in a year. First sem runs from February to July and August till January. For second semester, which is about to start on August 20, 2017, registration is ongoing. What you need to bring is just your Alien Registration Card (ARC) only.

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Courses offered: Korean Cooking/Barista/Korean Language/Graphics/Photography and Video/Nail Art and Computer repair.

Each classes are held for 2 hours every Sunday. However, if you wish to do the class on weekdays they do have. You can ask the staff about the schedule.

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Upon completion the center holds a graduation program and certificates are given. However, only those students with no more than four (4) absences will be recognized. So, once you’re enrolled make sure you’ll not have those absences to pass the class.

The center is located at Omokgyo station, line 5 (purple line)… exit 6. From the exit, walk on your right. Cross the road and walk on your right, turn left on the SK Telecom corner. The center is right behind the security house of the apartments. You may also call 02-2643-0808. The center is open everyday

119th Celebration of Philippine Independence Day and 22nd Migrant Worker’s Day

Filipinos in the entire Korean peninsula gather together on the celebration of 119th Philippine Independence Day simultaneous with the 22nd Migrant Worker’s Day on the 11th day of June 2017 and certainly, was another milestone.

Initiated by the Philippine Embassy, headed by His Excellency Raul S. Hernandez and all the embassy staff, in partnership with the Stimula Production and sponsors. The whole day commemoration was held at Banpo Hanggang Park, Seoul for the second time.


Concelebrated Mass by His Excellency Archbishop Osvaldo Padilla beckoned the start of the occasion in the morning.


Honorable guests Mr. Pyung-Hee Kim, the Vice President of HRD-Korea, Vice Mayor of Gyoung-Gee Liu, Vice Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government and Philippine-Republic of Korea Friendship Ambassador, Sandara Park graced the the celebration.


Sandara Park

Filipino Communities joined the parade on their community uniforms, Filipiniana attire and street parade costumes. Each marched and danced with pride and joy as they represent their respective community and compete with the best presentation bagged by Ansan Filipino community  and best in costume bagged by Seoul Catholic Community (Hyewa-dong). Both community took home 500,000 cash prize.

Games and raffle draws highlighted the affair in the afternoon with lots of  prizes that includes kitchen items, gadgets, computers and airline tickets from the major sponsors.

Cultural and musical performances presented by Smart Angie and Yuli, (Korea based performers) and artists from the Philippines, Leizel Garcia and Michael Pangilinan. Audience got so excited when Sandara Park, Kpop artist, and Ambassador Raul Hernandez took the center stage and danced with the presenting Filipino community.

In addition, happening at the same time are the onsite labor counseling, medical services, some government services (PAG_IBIG, PhilHealth) and other promotional services were conducted to the Filipino community.


Ms. Mare Yao from Stimula Productions and Professor Jovy Peregrino were the masters of ceremony.

Check complete photos here.

*Photos from Filipino Photographers In South Korea (FILIPOS) John Mark Costales; Jedy Gravador; Federic Aujero; Aries Ventura; Celo Camarines Guinto and Jack Rusl*


ICIC Celebrates Pista Sa Nayon 2017

“Pista sa Nayon” (Feast in the Village) is a yearly celebration of ICIC (Incheon Catholic International Community), a Filipino community based in Incheon City and spearheaded by Edna Park, community president. Held last June 4 at Dapdong Church ground, Dongincheon from 12:00 noon to 3:30pm. This year, the celebration caters the theme “Sariling Atin” (Our Own) which featured the rich values of Filipino culture and tradition.



Graced by Fr. Michael Kim and Fr. Arvin Mosqueda, their spiritual advisers, the festivity was a day of amusing dances and songs rendered by its community members. In colorful attire, mainly the national Filipino dresses. Folk dances and folk songs filled the air and entertained everyone.

Lively and applauding, such kind of events are what every Filipinos are missing and longing for. And it feels a great happiness whenever we see one. I, myself adored this kind of merrymaking.



Parade on the grounds of Dapdong church that beckon the start of the program, inspirational and thanksgiving messages were given by Romeo Vibal, ICIC Vice president and Lysa Maria Viejo, Philippine Embassy’s third secretary and Vice Consul.




“Libis Sa Nayon” by Charina Park; “Harana” and “Ikaw ang Ligaya” presented by the men in the house headed by Romeo Vibal; “Pasayaw ako Dai”, singing led by Fr. Arvin and Angel were among the musical folk dances and songs bestowed.




“Pista” (feast) presentation was the grand production of “Kuradang” by Baby Rose Navarro’s group and “Mamang Sorbetero” by Socorro Barbero, a well-known dance song about a man selling ice cream.




And of course, the Philippine national dance, “Tinikling” will always be included and energetically performed by Edna Park and Gigi Laplap with impressive back ups. “Katakataka” and an Igorot dance were presented too.





“Ako’y Pinoy” (I am a Filipino), were danced by everyone in the finale. Indeed, a happy “Pista sa Nayon” with special lechon (roasted whole pig).

*photos from Joe Yoon and Ericson Asuncion- FILIPOS event photographers.

Yangcheon Global Migrant Center Celebrates Labor Day

A simple celebration of Labor Day was joined in by all the Migrants taking the classes every Sunday in Yangcheon Global Migrant Center or rather popular as YGMC.

YGMC offers  free education to foreign workers in Korea and it greatly helps each migrants develop their skills and be equipped of the professional ability. An opportunity of building  a business of their own.

As a student in Korean Cooking Class and Barista, I’m really looking forward to be schooled and learn the skills aiming to be applied in the future so much so when time comes to go back to my country, Philippines.

Yangcheon classes admits students in cooking class, barista class, media class that includes photography and videography, Korean class and computer repair. They also provide labor counseling, medical check up and other assistance to migrants for free.

YGMC staffs, teachers and students gathered altogether and shared in the food which the cooking class prepared for a simple lunch party. This simple honoring  as we celebrate Labor Day was an opportunity to meet everyone in the center.

8th Siheung Cup Inter-Color Basketball League 2017 

Basketball is the number one sport in the heart of the Filipinos. This ball game will always be part of Pinoy’s culture and tradition. And because the weather is becoming warmer…(thanks to spring weather!) sports fests, tournaments and leagues will soon alight in the Filipino communities in Korea.

Evidently, the Filipino Community in Siheung successfully held its 8th Siheung Cup Inter-Color Basketball League opening ceremony for this year at Janggok Culture Sports Center in Siheung City. This 2017 league were joined in by 8 competing teams which games will be held every Sunday until May 14 for the finals. 

The eight (8) participating teams are: Red Lion (Muse-Charmaine Flor); Yellow Tigers (Muse-Analyn Gacho); Gray Bulldogs (Muse-Cherry Ann Gayeta); Violet Stags (Muse- Aina Bantilan); White Falcons (Muse-Garrylyn Berbo); Blue Eagles (Muse-Rochelle Bacani); Black Tamaraws (Muse-Mary Nhiolyn Sazon) & Green Archers (Muse-Gracey Ebuena)

The opening ceremony was highlighted by the entrance parade, short program, guests and sponsor’s messages and the selection of best muse judged by Wisending Manager and representative, Mr. Rodulfo Pantejo (PAL representative) and Luz Robregado (FILIPOS Secretary) which was bagged by Aina Bantilan of Violet Stags Team. Charmaine Flor of Red Stags and Garrylyn Berbo of White Falcons won as runner ups. 

FCIS is spearheaded by the new set of officers: FCIS President, Marlon Miranda; Vice President Joseph Perante; Secretary Babylyn Mercado; Assistant Secretary Marky Susim; Treasurer Jane Parcon; Assistant Treasurer Nelma Maderse; Auditor Joeped Cuaresma; Assistant Auditor Michael Arce; PRO Patrick Pama and Danny Cuyno; Business Managers Marilyn Sazon and Rommel Reyes and Advisers Richard Figarido and Dennis Santos.

Supported by Siheung Migrant Welfare Center Manager, Ms. Kim Hae Won and the sponsors: Wisending, Metrobank, Philippine Airlines, Frajim International Trading, SKB World Food, Sampaguita Mart, Mr. John Vergara and Mr. Rodulfo Pantejo.

The awarding of Best Muse was followed by the tossing ceremony and the first game of the day. Eucharistic Mass was held at 2:00pm in San Pedro Church where a regular Sunday mass is also being held.

Carrot Man “Jeyrick Sigmaton” in Korea

Netizens went crazy when facebook user Edwina Bandong posted several photos of the good-looking “Carrot Man” on the social media site, Facebook. Jeyrick’s photo trended on Twitter too with the hashtag Carrot Man and people noticed that he looks exactly like the Korean superstar, Jang Geun Suk.


Jeyrick Sigmaton “Carrot Man” upon arrival at Zumbar. (photo credit: Jayson dela Torre)

His photos were eventually taken to the Instagram by some netizens and they even expressed their admiration to him. More and more netizens were captured by his good looks and took even the media by storm.


Carrot man and the guests from Philippine Embassy. (photo credit: Jayson dela Torre)

And I guess that’s how his journey in the modeling begins. The next photos uploaded over the social media were a whole new “Carrot Man”. And netizens went even crazier over his photogenic pictures.


Group picture with the Filipino community. (photo credit: Mherl Mhar Jara)

His popularity in the Philippines is now widespread to the Filipinos abroad. That means, overseas Filipinos also know who’s the famous “Carrot Man”. Nevertheless, Filipinos in Korea didn’t assume that a meet and greet with this “Carrot Man” could be possible.


Vince Ganda (comedian/singer) and Carrot man. (photo credit: Mherl Mhar Jara)

On the 28th of January 2016, The Cordillera Brotherhood Organization (CBO) in South Korea, organized an event called “Dang-dang ay” which means “get together” held at Zum Bar, Namyeong Station, Seoul.


Cultural presentation with Jeyrick Sigmaton. (photo credit: Jayson dela Torre)

And there we go, not only meet and greet but the photo ops in addition. And because it was holiday in the entire peninsula, large crowd of Filipinos from Seoul and even from the farthest Gwangju province were present on that day.


On his song number. (photo credit: Mherl Mhar Jara)

CBO invited Jeyrick Sigmaton here in Korea, and cheers to that CBO!, as their honored guest for Dang-dang ay. As we all know he is from Cordillera. Certainly he has that good looks and in like manner has that Korean look. Moreover, “Carrot Man” rendered a song and played the guitar as well. The crowd couldn’t get over with his charms.


His photo shoot the day after the Dang-dang ay at Hanok Village, Chungmuro, Seoul. (photo credit: Norman Lauson)

How I wish there was that dating game to excite the crowd even more… lols! Anyhow, seeing “Carrot Man” in person was something to remember.